I Don'T Enjoy My Life

I not happy with my life. I had a life with very little support and need to solve things on my own. This help me be a stronger person, but wish I had people that cared about me.
ChillyWilly82 ChillyWilly82 31-35, M 3 Responses Feb 14, 2013

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This is a crazy approach to your current situation but when bad comes to worse use it. "Break the glass in case of emergency"
I used to be in the same situation but then I realised no one is going to help me out of my problem if I don't talk. I thought you first had to meet someone then become close then start talking about what is bothering you but problem with that is by the time that happens chances are the problem would have escalated or you would have solved it.
So the crazy part is, I told random people about my problems and was shocked to find that there were people to help.
Luckily you have this place where you can just post your troubles and you will find people who care.

I wish i have someone to care me, and i wish i have someone to care too.

It seems we caring about each other, that a good thing :)

if you focus on how unhappy you are ! the more unhappy you will stay !if you belive your unhappy then your right but if you change your thoughts to your being happy happy thing will happen to you . do not focus on what you do not want but focus on what you do want .take 5 minutes a day and see yourself happy what would you be doing having fun with friends and relatives enjoying a day at the beach filled with fun just think of all the happy things that have happen not the sad parts your mind is a magnet what you focus on you will attract good luck

Thanks but you don't know what going on with my life