I Hate People

It really isn't me anymore I've lost everything and I'm only 13 when I was very young I cared about everyone the kid that would push me down I would help up when they fell everyone would seem to take that for granted and I could do nothing I still don't see why people are such awful terrible beings to each other but I really began to hate life around 11 I realized I was an ugly peice of **** no one could ever love I realized I was only being used by who I thought were my friends and those who I trusted secretly hated me no one besides one person in my entire life have I fully trusted my sister and she is the only one that really even knows me my parents don't know me even to think I was so happy and loved everyone and no one ever cared about me sickens me ******* hate people I hate this world and I intend to leave this world very soon
Peopleareterribleawefulbeings Peopleareterribleawefulbeings
3 Responses Feb 14, 2013

killing your self is dumb kid over other kids you will not know in a few yrs i have had kids try to pick on me my hole life i am 30 and just had my mom die 2 weeks ago i have no job no kids no wife my life sucks but i keep going no matter what and god loves you more than you will ever know kid jesus is love be strong and just keep going it can only go up if your at the bottom right and if you kill your self you go to hell not haven just not worth it at all

You are too young to hate people so much. Just wait until you're older! The hate only gets worse!

Well I doubt that. I ever will get older i will never experience that hatred but for the moment I do have a knowing hole in my mind telling me not to live

Although my mind is a legal genius for my age that leads me to think why is life so valued life should be treated like an item you lose one who cares another will replace it and when I am dead someone new will replace me my hatred and who I am will have never mattered to anyone