Trying To Be Strong

I hate my life right now.

I'm finding it so hard at the moment. I've been on anti depressants and anti psychotics for almost a month now and I feel that me being on medication and hurting is causing my parents to hurt too. They hate the fact that I'm on it that I'm sad and hear voices that I hate being in the house. I know they way that I am now is hurting people around me because they care. I don't want to be on the medication and just want to move past it all. I hate being in the house because the walls are thin and I can hear my neighbours talking so it upsets and confuses me because I don't know if the voices again or real people.

No job, finished my course, no friends, really messed up head; the same old crap that I've complained about before. I'm just so over it all.

I just want the strength to keep going on.

mistyeyes mistyeyes
22-25, F
Feb 14, 2010