Hate Being Alone

I'm almost 32, not married, no kids, no friends. I try to make an effort with everything I do but it backfires. I hate it. I'm tired and I don't have alot to look forward to. My work was what made it worth getting up but I lost that in October '09. I just got a new one (which Im happy for) but my finances took a hit, I lost my place and I have to move in a few weeks. It makes me very depressed to be alone because I think alot of things would have turned out differently if I had a spouse, boyfriend, good friends or some kind of support. I am a big believer in being active in trying to change life but I put so much effort and it doesn't work. I had enough- I don't ask for alot in life and I do my best to get it so when it doesn't turn out right, I get bitter angry and depressed about it. I believe in God so I'm utterly confused why my prayers are not answered. No disrespect to God, Christinity or anything else but I had enough with just about everything now. If Im not getting a response, then what good am I doing.

PalmFronds PalmFronds
31-35, F
Feb 27, 2010