Hate It So Much

I absolutely hate my life.

Everything is wrong this year. Last year was perfect, but I hate this year.

So, my dad is an alcoholic and a smoker. He still smokes, not caring that both me and my sister have asthma. He gets really mad easily, and will hurt us and chase after us, throw things, and do crazy physotic stuff that makes me literally scared of him.

My family is also dirt poor. All the girls at my school are rich, pretty, girls. I'm an ugly, fat, too-tall worthless piece of **** that shouldn't have been born. (at least that's what my parents say) They didn't get me one thing for my birthday this year. Not one thing. My birthday was 3 weeks ago.

I'm failing math. Last year? All A's. This year? All F's. Even if i try my hardest on a test, listen attentively, i still fail. Never 1 100 this whole school year.


My parent's didn't go to college. Neither one of them. Whenever I have a problem with my homework, I end up having to talk to my cousins or whatever over the phone. I don't blame my mom, she's dyslexic. My dad? Just a stupid, worthless, being.

My so called 'friends' always insult me, thinking they're SOOO FUNNY! Saying things like ' who would ever like you?' and 'i actually thought somebody was starting to like you' is just sooo funny to me guys!


I hate my life. So much. Why oh why must this have ever happened to me.


SilkyPantiezz SilkyPantiezz
Mar 10, 2010