I Hate My Life

sometimes i wonder how nicce it will be if i was dead away from everyhting that i hate i dont even know why im sharing this

im suppose to keep this to my self but i came to the point where im not the only one who feals this sertain way i see people everyday

that might hate their life and be miserable.i hate my life im only 13 and my parents dont even let mi go no where with my friends i hate my whole family i sometimes feal like they hated mi all of them i always get frustraded and feal left behind and feal like dying i always get this from my brothesrs "i hate you"

im 2 sensetive so i always think about death sometimes i wish i wasent born im maybe 2 wicked and people talk behind my back -wish i wasent born-

emorawrcookie123 emorawrcookie123
13-15, F
Mar 6, 2010