No One Listens

My life is hell and I wish it would all end. My family has accused me for drinking alcohol that I have never heard of. They told me that my best friend the only one I could talk to about anything couldn't come over anymore because she was weird. I hear them talking about her from my room and laughing because she doesn't know how to swim and is very nervous around them. Then they turn to my brother and go your friends are normal. They tell me what hobbies I have to do what sports I have to play and how good I have to be.
My brother has anger management issues so every time he has a scene they blame it on me as my brother is yelling names at me like "*******", "*****", etc. He's even physically harmed me. I live in fear that one day he's going to severely harm me. My family thinks he's perfect and that he doesn't need help but everyone else who has seen these scenes knows he does.
I just need someone to talk to and let it out because all I can do is cry.
Corinne711 Corinne711
Aug 11, 2010