I Wish..

I want something to change or something to happen. There is actaully **** all good about it.. I don't think there is anything good about it. I don't know how I don't get deperssed more often.
Achilles1989 Achilles1989
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3 Responses Aug 28, 2010

I am just like you, people say oh, just change it, that's because they don't know how life can be boring. I am like you, and I think I am better off dead. For us one day is too long and very difficult to go through. I would just change it, but it seems to be impossible. I've tried sports, drugs, volunteering, taking colleges qualifications, but still nothing.<br />
I hate this world and it's hipocrisy. Everybody tells about love and sharing, but all I see is me having food and everything I need and the somme people having nothing. Why people label themselfs as Christians, and let brothers die of starvation? Why the Churchs are rich and pray for equality?<br />
Politicians lie all the time and they never get punished.There's a lot more than religion and politics to talk about, but nobody wants to listen, all they want is wear nice clothes and have French for dinner. So I can't see a point to carry on.

Everyone knows the world isn't perfect, some ignore it and pretend to be oblivious and others try to make a change. I don't think you can blame the world for all of your problems regardless of what they are. If you want to change world and it's corruption and hypocricy well you can't. There are always going to be bullshitters wherever you are, who care about nothing more than money and greed. But you or anyone else does not have to associate with them and can try helping those in need; although your only one person you still have a voice and can make people listen. Also there are other people who are trying to make a change. Rosa Parks was one woman who over time changed the way most of the western world viewed black people, with the help of a strong, committed group of people behind her. I'm trying to find help find meaning to life through helping others and it pains me to see people giving up because 'there's no point' and that point is you. If you want there to be a point to life you have to fight for it.

It wasn't a story about being unhappy. My life does truly suck. Big time! So unbelievably boring! I have nothing going for me. Hmm its true what you say... I just find it so hard trying to do it. Its so ******* overwhelming!

The change is in your hands. You can be happy if you want to. ^^,