My Lifes A Mess If It Wasn't For My Little Girl....

I spend most of my days crying i have no friends and am shy in groups. My husband cheated on me in march, we are trying to sort through things but i can't trust him and am supicious all the time. My mum and sister are alcholics, i'm my sisters carer as she suffers from hepititus and is unable to walk due to alchol and needs constant help. I have no body to talk to , everyone thinks im the strong one that i don't need anything but there wrong. I told my mum how am feeling but was to drunk to remember the conversation. I think about killing myself all the time but then i see my little girls face and i know she doesnt deserve that , shes the only reason i have for living and i love her to pieces. I put on a smile for her but inside i feel empty and spend most of my time crying. I can't talk to my husband he just says im being silly. I dont know what to do?
Mummy2one87 Mummy2one87
May 15, 2012