Fading Friends

All my friends are fading one by one. It's not fair, I know some friends leave but why did if have to be like this.

Just if you guys say to talk to my friends it's not going to work so please don't tell me. It's better if people don't know what I'm feeling. It's for years that a friend would be leaving me.

My mom's so insensitive to my feelings and I quote while I was crying about a friend not coming with me to magic mountain or my birthday "Get your shoes upstairs!!!" She said said it in Spanish just to let you know. I don't blame my friend, it's just her parents don't seem to trust me with her and she like two years older than me. She's been ignoring me also as if I'm invisible I scream really hard for her to hear me but she didn't notice me. I embarrassed myself in front of my class by looking like a loser. No one wonder everyone takes advantage of me.

My other friend, I should be happy she's replacing my other friend to go to magic with me and probably is going to my birthday. But I feel that's she fading too. She didn't say goodbye to me today from school, I was going to tell her when my party starts. I don't mind she's hanging out with other people but I feel as if she's ignoring me. I stuck with when she got kicked out of our crew of friends because she said insensitive things. I stuck by her when everyone hated her and now she ignores me.

This other friend of mine left the country. She left for Costa Rica and she was my real best friend because we been friends since first grade and we still are. We first met in preschool but we had these two friends that hated each other. So we had to go to the flow and make faces at each other, but when we met again in elementary we got to know each other and became friends. I talk to her on FB but I still miss her.

My birthday is on Monday I hope my family comes, they come together for other occasions but not my birthday.
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

First of all--as someone slightly older than you, you have no idea how common your problems are; EVERYONE experiences these feelings of loneliness and being abandoned. It is part of growing up, and when things inevitably get better, you become stronger, more social, and more able to take control of your life and be HAPPY!

Knowing that everyone goes through these stages--both good and bad experiences make us who we are--, the world seems really mean to everyone. But I can tell just through your tone and writing that you are a really kind, social, out-going person. You are NATURALLY inclined to make friends and forge friendships with them; in all of this, you still have your friend in Costa Rica. You have it in you to keep relations with these other people and make new friends along the way.

And I beg you to remember that you will look back at this time of your life with sentiment and realize it made you stronger. The fact that your mom and friends don't seem to understand is something felt by everyone. It will get better, and you need to know that. As for you birthday, remember you do have your family (however annoying) and your friend in Costa Rica, and remember that EVERYONE goes through stages of their life when they feel alone on their birthday. You have what it takes to improve your situation, and I wish you the best of luck. Remember you are never alone.