Don't Know What To Do

Here I am sitting in my chair in my room, like every other night, like most days. No friends to talk to, no confidence to rely on, no goals to stick to.
I'm going to get my bachelor's degree in like 6 months, in a field that I deeply hate, and I absolutely don't know what to do next. I certainly don't want to go for a master's degree in this field, I don't know if I should switch to a field that I love (for master's degree albeit, not the whole thing all over again) or not? Is it worth the [freaking hard] effort? Am I going to regret whatever decision I make now later on in my life? Or should I finish college with a bachelor's degree and do something else??
Boy future is scary...
The thing is, my life has 'sad' and 'empty' written all over it. My whole life I was a stay-at-home boy, I have NO self esteem, I never had a group of friends to hang out with, I always lacked social skills, I never learned any special skills, I never had any job experience, I can't even drive a freakin' car!
I mean, is this life even worth thinking about it's future?
I kind of have social anxiety with girls, I've never had a conversation over 10 words with a girl, so, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to have a wife. (even if I could, I would never drag someone else into this mess, I'm not THAT stupid) and because of that, I will always be alone and won't need a decent job. I mean, I can be the pizza delivery guy and live in a 10x10 apartment. What difference does it make? As we say in this country: There's nothing darker than black!
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

have you considered going to church? trust me prayer helps alot. ive felt what you been feeling, but God can do changes in life. Dont put yourself down, trust yourself. Your in this planet for a reason, stop the negativity..

I am sorry for how your life is but at least you don't have to be a full time baby my mom is forcing me to I want to go to college but no baby boys like me need my nanny and day care I hate my life especially being diapered