Time Stood Still

well im 15 and im not suppose to feel like i dont deserve to live. well i really feel like my family doesn't care for me. my mom always says with theses grades your not going anywhere.... she says that being a social worker is a stupid career... and then my sister she always says that i dont put myself out there i dont defend myself and that im not gonna go anywhere... they care for me and stuff but they cant even realise that i am broken... they notice anything wrong with me so and if they do they yell at me...  I hate my life... when i utter those words time stood still

chaoticlife chaoticlife
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

So I can tell you that I have a friend who is a social worker, and they offered him a raise and promotion which he turned down because he loves working directly with the clients, and the promotion would have taken him out of the direct services. There can be a great sense of satisfaction when a client suceeds for the professional. Social worker is not a stupid career.