I Hate It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My farther trys to control my life. HE'S ALWAYS want to be in my business. I HATE IT when he trys to be my best friend i know I'm lucky to have a farther who cares , who is there for me, and always wants to help. But what I'm saying is that i need some space to grow I'll always be his little girl but he doesn't have to treat me like a baby or be so mean at times so thats why i hate my life cause it's just ........to confusion the way he changes his mood i a second , the way he yells and screams than trys to comfort me, the way he makes me cry when i try to hate him but i can't cause i love him so much.He grew up without a father and I'm glad to have him in my life ................................it just that he needs to talk in a softer voice and yell and scream when he needs to . I'm stuck in the middle i hate my life but i love it too.   


                                                                                                                                 Yours truly,


somelove somelove
13-15, F
Aug 7, 2008