Life = Miserable

I dunno why but I feel that life is not worth living..I have great friends, a good school a family that's sometimes supportive when needed but I feel like no one understands the way I feel inside. People are always asking me what's wrong coz I look so down and feel low but I try to hide my depression within me coz I know they won't understand me and will think I'm weird :( I try to put on a fake smile and sometimes get away with it..I keep myself locked in one room where I don't have to hear the constant lectures from my family and I have thought about self harming but I'm just too scared to do it.. No one knows this real me..not even my family and everyone keeps telling me that my life is soo great and they wished they were me but to be quite frank this life I'm living is a lie.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

This is my life story. I feel like everything in my life is a lie. Just like you said i have friends and family but they dont understand me :(

First off and for most harming yourself will not create an answer to the problem. Killing yourself is not the answer either. I am not too sure what the true answer is, but I can say that in life we feel the pain of the world around us and sometimes we take it all in to be our own. Maybe you need to really take some YOU time and find what will make you happy....