I hate where I live. My job is below my skills and capabilities because its the best I can get in this crappy small town. The car I drive to work in is a lemon. I share a room with my mother and she snores, often waking me through the night. I feel like my opinion is not valued. I am often blamed and yelled at for things, my faults thrown in my face, like they are so perfect.

I could go back to the city and get a better job,but I feel guilty about leaving my mom and I hate living alone. I would have to live alone again most likely because I eventually rub people the wrong way if they are around me too long.

I am just better off living alone.
bri40 bri40
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Hey bri thanks for sharing, I know the feeling of wanting to be alone,but not wanting to. Maybe a bigger place would be better for you guys. That way you have your own space to go to when needed. Idk hope it helps a little.