Hate It!

What is life about, without love and care? Is it worth living without these two? If I am just lacking this from my friends, alright but what if parents and siblings are doing this to me. Should I just take my life? If I have have a better life next lifetime, it's worth it, right. Anyway, no one cares when I am around, no one is hurt when I am gone. I am just something extra. To say that I don't mind at all, it's fake but so what if I mind, nothing in this freaking world will change. Sometimes I feel that there is no point to live on because I hate this life. I would rather be born in a happy poor family but with that warmth from family members, sufferings are worth it. Humans are animals that can go on without food but not without love. When your life is meaningless, what is there more to do? I really hate this life... Hate it ><
unwantedchild97 unwantedchild97
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2013

Well leave your mark in the world a cold or in a good way it will make you think different in your world today