no friends ever last, especially when your married. when your spouse isnt your friend you are destined to fail. someone please kill me.
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don't worry just always know someone else situation is way worst then yours my bf isn't my friend anymore we been todether for 4years and in the first year while I was pregnant for the first time he got his ex pregnant again and you would think because I excepted that that he would love me and treat me good! Nope still cheated and like an dumb *** i'm still with him! I HATE THAT I LOVE HIM!!! I ask god everyday what did I do that was so ****** up that he allows me to love someone like him!

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The most important thing to realize is that everyone goes through these horrible phases in life when all seems hopeless and lonely. Humans are good and bad, so if we didn't have bad experiences, would we be human?

To not be all philosophical, it's important to know to not demonize yourself for being angry. Sometimes being angry at the world is normal and healthy. You emerge stronger and happier, and, I know this is vague advice, but you will find it within yourself to change and control your environmet. Be strong--everyone goes through these things

I know how you are feelig. I know people always say that...But I was there....My husband was deeply in love with another woman, and being a monster to boss who I trusted showed his true colors to me...a woman who I thought was a good friend stole my store deposit and got me fired and almost huband would not help with paying the bills and got use kicked to the street.....I could go on and on with the things that all happened to me at the same time....But my point is that it was hard but I still go on. Each day I get up (or i my case each night) I get up brush myself off and I start all over again.....With time things are getting better between him and me....but some days I do want to eat his gun....But I paid far too much for it to have it taken this is what keeps me from doing it. I am a cheep Mother F$%^er. Find the one thing that will keep you going no matter what it is.