My soul is dark & it cries deep inconsolable tears. I am the walking wounded. This is the worse depression I have had in a long time. I am in such deep agony, it feels that I will never recover. I am hurt and angry. I really don't know what to do with it. I want to scream, but then I know it will not help, because the people I want to scream at and to love me really don't care. It's beyond, not caring, it's apathy and indifference. It always has been. Isn't it always about them? How they feel? What they Don't want to hear or acknowledge. It's an impossible situation. How can you make someone care about you? Well, I know from my own years of experience, you can't. You can only change yourself. I can only change myself, and I want so badly what they've got ~ apathy. To not care. I want it so bad, but it's not in me. No matter how hard I try I'm a caring, feeling human being. That's the ***** isn't it. In this world where it's often cold and cruel. I want to crawl under some rock and stay there for all of eternity.
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22-25, M
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I very much feel your pain, im in a very similar place myself! But advice i would give you is to talk to these people...if that doesn't work then you could try to distance yourself from them.