Sometimes I feel like I need to run away from my current life in order for me to get it together.
From the outside looking in, people think I have it all together; in reality I am falling apart.
I keep having these dreams:
In one of my dreams, I am running, but I keep running in circles.
In another one, I am trying to run but it feels like my feet are in cement blocks, so I am not moving anywhere.

What is wrong with me. It seems like I cannot get it together.
Am I really trying? Do I enjoy being a bum? Am I depressed?
I think I am stuck in this funk, and in my heart, I want to do more with my life; my mind is holding me back with the fear of being judged by others.

Today my husband called me a lazy ***! And my kids don't even like being around me. I feel soon alone!
Ending my life seems like the easiest thing to do right now because I really don't have the strength to go out in this world anymore! I hate talking to people! I hate dealing with people!

I am really hope and pray that tomorrow will be a better day for me!
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36-40, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

I understand how hard it is sometimes to get away from all those negative thoughts and feelings! Hope you are doing better,I will be happy to listen if you ever want to talk to someone.

Thank you Caisymay! I am feeling a lot better these days. I was in a funk because I just quit my job, that was a nightmare; it seem like my husband was kicking me when I was down. I rode out that storm, and I am now seeing brighter days! Thanks for stopping by and offering me some of your time. Hope all is going well your way.