I was sitting down and thinking... And I literally have no friends.... Literally... I have a couple but I know they don't care about me, I'm the third wheel...

I haven't had a boyfriend since I was 12, and I probably would still be with him but I broke up with him because he wanted to kiss me and I'm shy....: I was 12... Of course I didn't wanna kiss him..
But yeah

I'm 14 now

I'm homeschooled

I hate my freaking dad, he's an ******* in the morning,

My mom is strict, I didn't have a phone until may....

Because my mom says "I'm 14, I don't
Need a phone anyways"

But honestly, EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE! I want to fit in with other teenagers...

I'm poor

I don't have good clothes

I literally live in a shack... It was built a 100 years ago and my dad built on the living room so for 13 years of my life I slept in the middle of the old living room... where EVERYBODY walked through to get to our ONE bathroom in a family of 8 people... Finally they started building my room which is seriously the size of a closet.. I have maybe... 9 inches from the bed and the wall..

I'm scared to have friends over at my house because it's a dump, and the carpet is brown.. And it's supposed to be white, our kitchen floor tiles are almost all ripped up, it's terrible

In not pretty

I have crooked teeth

I have a big nose

Yes.. I'm griping about a lot, and people don't understand how hard it is being me... Okay, my life sucks sometimes...
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Relax. Your fine. You are very pretty. Talk to me, I am pretty good at problem solving!!

Ur fine, ur life might not be going the path u want it but trust me say ur prayers and one day u will be taking the path u want!