I've learnt that it's really hard to kill yourself but its even harder to fight through the rough times and live...
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Please don't kill yourself you're so young! I also had thoughts of committing suicide at young age but got over it by facing it and rather taking the blows to the guts because I know that I will cause the people who love me (altough not many) much more pain that I'll ever have... I'm Christian and trough my faith I stay strong and hope that tommorow will be a better day, and if not.. To keep hoping. Just never give up...

I totally understand I tried it twice and I'm still here unfortunately!

People always tell me that if you couldn't do it the first time you were never meant to do it..

If I may, I can understand where you are coming from alot in life itself can make you think that closing your own eyes to this world would be easier than to "play through the pain." But, Even if things aren't looking to be in your favor why go through life with the pain? show the people who hurt you that the don't matter and try to live life day by day, enjoying it the best way you can. We are already not promised tomorrow, So don't end your life. And if anything show whatever causes your problems that they don't bother you and run your life. I could type alll day on this subject if you still need answers to why not or help feel free to message me. :) I hoped this helped you in some way if anything just to show a smile and help you to ease the pain. Your never alone.

Trust me you want to live. I used to get bullied and I cried every night. People would exclude me from things and call me a baby but I just learned to ignore them. I just learned not to care so much. I realized I love myself, no one else has to love me. But still I did have people who love me, and you do too. I have my mom, dad, brothers, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And if you were gone trust me everyone would miss you. They might even consider committing suicide because you're gone, actually I'm positive at least one person would give it a good thought. And if you're anything like me you rather die than someone you love, and if I really thought through it I wouldn't commit suicide because my best friend would probably than commit suicide too and I don't want that for her. Just keep your head up. I got comfortable in my own skin and now I have three close friends and I'm fine. One time my mom almost had cancer and I was thinking " if she gets cancer and dies I'm gonna kill myself " but then I thought of everyone I love and I can't leave them behind. So if you wanna commit suicide please think it through, because I cannot stress to you enough, IT WILL GET BETTER!!! Also If you need someone to talk to you can talk to me or a really good Idea is get a jar and put all the names of the people you trust in it and everytime you're sad or commuting suicide take out a random name and text or call that person. Just please think first!

Unfortunately I don't have anyone I can trust... And you may have people you love and couldn't leave behind but I don't have that.

We'll just think of it this way you were put onto this earth for a reason. And you could change the world. And I know you're gonna say " but I'm just one person and no one loves me" we'll you can make people love you. And you never know the potential of yourself by taking away your life you'll never find out. And even if you don't think there's a point in life you can make there be a point, like try to make someone else happy ( which is a good way to make friends ), or figure out what you want to do with your life to change the world or make it better for people who might have the same problem as you- kids who think they have no one. Just don't waste your life, because you have potential. And also if you go to school you can talk to your counselor

Thanks for all the wonderful advice but my counselors SUCK! I told them my problem and the lady asked me if my family knew I was a loser..

You can also call a suicide hotline and it's all private and there's probably one for depression too. Hold on I'll google the number

It's 1-800-273-8255

I wouldn't, Personally those people are not interested in you as a person just make sure your okay and such. But On here people are looking for people to relate to or help, this person i dont think would want to do it by purpose, but its just hard to go through life alone and have no one to speak about it to other wise they throw you in an insane asylum, many people cant afford fancy legal ppl so its better to talk to someone they can relate to. to have a true friend there to help them whenever they need it. those people just wait to hear certain words and probably (all my opinion dont judge them off this please just my opinion) push a button have cops show up and take you to a padded cell cause we are different when yet we all are the same and have thought of harming our self once in a life time. I am on here personally to help people like this user and let people know they are not alone that people out there understand and can help them from miles away. like a friend would. not some goverment paid computerized person.

Ya I never thought of it that way, I was just giving a suggestion

I mena yes if you Just can't bare the pain and you need something to stop you yes the number def. no one can put a price on a life and they are to precious for us to decide when they expire. but ya.

But that's only for US

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