all the time wan I meet a girl she block my why ~,_,~ I'm so bored off thes why u block me 😩 help I don't need girlfriend I want friends '_'help
hmkspain hmkspain
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That dumb!! Why would people do that?? Maybe u said somthing that they took wrong

maybe 😕

Some girls r just random with who they talk to then block for no reason its weird

ok 😔



If u ever want message i wont block u

ok ty

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Stupid EP took out my other eye. D:


Maybe you say creepy things without realizing you said them lol.

no I don't say creepy things 😖

I've never been blocked for no reason, but if they are blocking you for no reason, you should be glad you won't have to talk to someone like that. You'll find friends, I mean if they wanted to be your friend, they wouldn't have blocked you for no reason, right 😕?


jast my friend she block my but I don't know why

When you are blocked, I'm assuming you can't message them nor comment on their posts, because if you can't I don't know how you'll ever understand why. I've been reading a lot of posts about people randomly blocking them, and they could never understand why. You may have to find another friend, if you cannot contact that one.


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