I getting really fed up with the bullying and my **** family dont know what im going though, they treat me like ****. The are horrible to me, when I get the chance I am gone and leaving every single one of them, I hate my family so much. If I stay around much longer I will end up killing myself, there are arguements every day :'(
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Get that thought of killing yourself out of your head young man it mite be tuff just now but it will get better buddy just be strong

Both of u need to persist. I've been bullied, my parents ignore me every day, but if they're pushing u, then it shows how much they care about u, unless u have a better reason. Talk to them about ur bullying, and what they're doing to u. I'll tell u the web isn't any hep, because u don't know if people r lying.

Same stuff I'm going through... Sure as hell does get annoying when there's no place you really can call your home; nowhere to be comfortable; nowhere to be yourself

I know there arguing right now, I really dont feel well, I have just found out that I have something wrong with my liver , I feel like im about to pass out, my heads killing, them shouting doesn't help :'(

As a person on the internet, the best advice I can give you is to try and block it out. Whatever you like to do; do that. Listen to music, go for a walk, heck play a game. Just anything, really