dads in jail

moms never satisfied

cant say anything

completly ditched

child support stoped

no money

?no x mas?

failing out of school

ditching school

hate everything

hit rock bottom

every time i start back up he latter another step breaks!


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Nobody said Life is gonna be easy , just live it everyday as your last . Just write about it or just stay on top of it & just try hard not to think about it .

Dude/dudess.......life is a crap ride but believe me when I say that God has brought me peace in knowing that when I'm done sliding down this **** slide called " life", I will never ever be anything but at peace and content in His presence. God is Great !

Why is "reied" in this group? to poop out sunshine to the rest of us who really hate life??? Oh its all great with energy and smiles.. PLEEEAssseee!! Look, life bites.. stinks.. sucks.. for a lot of people and I am one of them. I just do what I have to to make it through the days, weeks, months, years. I would kill myself, but unfortunately, there are people who would be very sad... BELIEVE THAT??? and would be very hurt. Like my Kids... so I dredge on< with the fake smile day by day. Fantasizing about running my car into a tree, maybe not even killing myself, just an extended need of rest and hospital care.... I don't know. I just am without joy in my life and don't want anyone to blow FU****G sunshine up my butt in a group that is titiled "I hate my life"!!! I thought we were here to vent it all, not have little miss mary sunshine tell us it OK. FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

, life can be a ***** , its a like a roller coaster ride you have your ups and your downs but still got to hold on to it bec its a adventure you never know where it takes you , in situations like this you have two option 1 is to feel sorry for your self and be like oh im unfortunate yaddy yaa morn and ***** about life and waste ur time depressed lol or or or you can take life by the balll and not make circumstance ruin you via depressing or hate or whatever u are going tho instead take very opportunity to succeed in life . positive energy in the mist of darkness is what helps you to get out of the tunnel your in now im not gona lie to you it is a long walk to see the light ahead but u can do it dont let circumstances riun in you bec ur worth it ! and ur special

I fkn hate my life..... stress and **** frm home every fkng day!

life is up and down

Life is S**T then you die. I'll join the club

I know the feeling. Life sucks.

a really poor luck 4 the child who doesnot get parent's support in beginning of life...