Being The Older Sibling Is A Burden

The story of siblings is not an old one, it's as old as humans itself and can transcend to the animal kingdom. The story of the older sibling, I think is overshadowed by the story of the younger sibling. I'm not saying that in all cases the older sibling is forgotten about, usually its the opposite, but I dont think all of the details are always considered. For example, when a younger sibling does wrong and the older sibling is automatically held responsible because they were supposed to watch and make sure the younger sibling wasnt doing something stupid. To me, that is a true injustice, because as soon as the older sibling turns and does a wrong or did a wrong when they were the same age as said younger sibling, they are disciplined directly. It was not the older siblings decision to carry the burden and responsibilities of the younger one, they had no say, but somehow they are the ones held accountable. Even when they try to avoid the trouble by not including the younger sibling, they are forced because the whining child goes to the parents.
So lets say the older sibling finally tries to accept the responsibility of having a younger sibling around and tries to warrant some of the behaviour of the younger sibling. The only thing that happens is that the younger sibling disobeys the older one or betrays their trust completely. Here is a personal story of my own: It was roughly around the time I was in elementary school. My little "brother" was getting picked on by our neighbor friends, two brothers, and he looked upset so I stepped in and fought back with my own quick little retorts and punches. Needless to say, the older one didnt like the fact I was insulting his little brother and had the nerve to demand an apology for the both of them ( These were the same brothers who thought it was right to sue someone when someone else made a fool of them). I refused, but then the most outrageous thing happened, the two brothers asked my "sibling" to apologize and choose a side as if they were going for war, and my "brother" went to the same brothers who made fun of him and stood against me. Why? Well I suppose we can never say for sure, but even when I was in elementary school I knew why. He went with them because he thought that would stop them from picking on them and simply because they were more powerful, of the two brothers one was my age and somewhat pudgy, but the older one was athletically built with brown hair and blue eyes and three years older. He chose them, simply because they were more powerful and the older one had charm and charisma (probably comparable to other great men with dark hair and blue eyes). And so with this betrayal I started to hate him, and now that I look back on it I believe it was exactly how Caesar felt when Brutus betrayed him. Unfortunately, this was not the only betrayal I ever felt, there was another incident, also in elementary. This incident started when we were in elementary also, when walking from the bike rack after school and on my way home, I saw my "brother" again getting picked on by a real snot of a kid, a true jerk. This jerk was getting his rocks off by kicking my "brothers" bike over and over again and saying "what?what are you going to do about it?" I went over and told him to shove off and the little snot had the audacity to kick harder until his shoe actually flew off and landed on the forested side of the nearby metal fence. He left after that, but while he was leaving I could hear him tell the bigger kid nearby that my "brother" threw his shoe over the fence, that little bastard. Anyway, he didnt stop after that, but I was fought back. A couple years later in middle school, he was back to annoy the sense out of me, and this one time I almost beat his face in after he decided to burp in my ear at random, but I didnt because I was in school. So I decided the best thing was to ignore him, like my friend suggested, and I noticed a little while afterward my "brother" was actually friends with this jerk, and when I asked him why, he just replied with "he's changed". He had the gall, to say that even after that little snot did so many things to drive me to the point of madness. Can you imagine the feelings of betrayal you feel after that? After you stood up for this so called sibling? Anyway, that was it. We werent siblings anymore, just acquaintances who lived under the same roof.
Unfortunately, that is only a snippet of why I hate my younger "brother", the whole story is much larger than that, however I must stop for now to continue with the present. Perhaps, you might understand my story or even empathize, but really I dont know why I need to do this other than I want to.
Onlyayear123 Onlyayear123
Jan 6, 2013