How To Get My Little Brother To Behave?

My brother is fourteen years old and the very definition of a spoiled brat, he never washes his dishes and leaves whatever he doesn't eat where he chooses, he never showers, brushes his teeth (he is going to need gum surgery) or does his homework (right now he is failing 8th grade), he won't obey either of my parents (who are having a hard time controlling him due to their old age) and swears and yells at them all the time, the only thing he does is sit on his *** and play videogames all day. What makes it worse is I have to clean up after him and do most of the chores because my parents don't want to deal with him anymore. I have tried being nice to him, beating him up (its not very hard since he is obese), bribing him, taking his things and blackmailing him to get him to do basic things like take out the trash. While the best method is to beat him up I want to have a good relationship with him and don't want to be known as the guy who beat up his brother as a kid. My family has gone to many therapists over the course of my life and nothing has worked. Its worse than it could be because my parents don't punish him and whenever I ask him to do something they tell me its not my job and that they can handle it (which almost never happens). I am also worried for him because he is obsessed with killing and guns and wants to go into the marines just for the sake of killing people and has no regard for anyone other than himself. So if any of you can help it is greatly appreciated.

Other facts that may be usefull are that he constantly throws tantrums mainly caused by him sucking at videogames which he throws and destroys things around the house and sometimes gets his airsoft guns and shoots the dog out of pure fustration. The cops have been called by the neighbors a few times because of the noise which usualy calms things down but doesn't last long. I've also been trying to see if i can get him into a scared straight program but my parents won't do it. I am sixteen.
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Dang , what a immature boy you got there . I understand how you feel cause my brother is like that , yelling and cussing all over the place . But , I don't like that brother that my parents gave birth to . And I ended up beating him up even though its not good .
About the brushing his teeth part , let him be . he's going to cry about his teeth very soon about cavities and stuff . Go up to his face and say 'shoulda brush your teeth' . For what I do to my brother who don't brushes their teeth is show them a video on youtube of people who don't brushes their teeth and show them a lot of bloody teeth involved. It worked on him .