I'm Moving Into My Office.

My husband and I have been fighting. It is all my fault because I got mad at him for sleeping until 2:30 in the afternoon. If he just did this occasionally it wouldn't be so bad, but he does it a lot, several times a week I figure. And I think that is hurting his job searching. He says he's depressed, which I can understand and have encouraged him to get get professional help - which he won't. So I don't know what to do, just ingore his bad behavior? And still treat him like a king when he is awake? He says the only reason I point it out is just to be hurtful, just like if he points out all the weight I've gained makes me unattractive. So now I'm hurt that he says such a mean thing. Some of my friends said that I really started gaining weight after we moved in together in the house. It also coincides with me starting a new job at that time and that we were planning the wedding.

I told him that it wasn't like I could just change my weight instantly and that nothing he was doing was very supportive of that. He always wants to go out to eat. He doesn't want to eat veggies and lean meats for dinner. Having to clean house during all my spare time doesn't really lend itself for me to have free time to go to the gym or do anything. I come home, we eat unhealthy, we clean some, we watch tv. We bicker. It starts over.

So I've been hanging out in my office all day. And thinking I could get a sofa bed and a tv in here, bring my clothes into this closet, and start using the guest bathroom. And pretty much just stay in here all the time. I could stop worrying about what he's going to have for dinner and just take care of mine. After all, he hates menu planning and going to the grocery store anyway. I'm really just tired of tending to him and this house. I'm suffering for it. Eventually I will lose the weight, but I'll still hate him for the hurt and stress he's brought into my life.
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31-35, F
Aug 8, 2010