My Wife Bores Me

I have been married 2 years and the last year has been sooo boring! My wife doesn't ever initiate sex or makes me feel wanted anymore. I've been told I'm a pretty attractive man, and have turn away request at times, but I feel like I'm in an elderly marriage with no passion. My wife's sister lives with us now and she talks her butt off with her then goes to sleep on me and blames it on me afterward. We have a kid, and that complicates things alot. I would have never been married or divorced a year ago if not for our kid. I love her and I've pulled out all my tricks to salvage this, but I can't make lemonade with sour grapes.
Kpatton261 Kpatton261
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

And things will NOT improve. Either screw around or divorce her and move on.