Wasted Time....and Broken Heart

I met my husband at an early age and it was like love at first sight. We were in the 8th grade...inseparable. He was my first and only everything. We graduated high school..had a son and moved into an apartment to start our lives together. We got married in 2009 we have 3 kids now and honestly to God I thought this was my forever...u thought I had been blessed with this perfect guy at a young age and we would grow old together....I was wrong I found out that he been talking to other women...most of our marriage I've been asking for more time n affection. I even changed things about mysf thinking it was me... We have been together for 13+ years and this really hurts me....I hate that I hate my life but I do I don't know how to carry on he's all that I'm used too....I cry alot but most times I hold it n I have to b strong for my kids..I just never felt so be trade I wish I could disappear so the pain would go away!!! It hurt so bad bc I thought he was true n faithful...n bc I gave him my all n I get this in return.....idk what to do someone plz help me
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I can completely relate until about 2 months ago my marriage feel apart. I never saw it coming but I seen lots of changes in his behavior and it turn out to be he was talking yo someone else. I'm hurt just as I can see you are as well. The heart break is unbearable. I am sorry for what you are feeling but sometimes husband or not life goes on...

They say love is blind, I wonder if others noticed his behaviour?

I remember my next door neighbour, a lot of girls like him, and this particulary girl, made it her mission to get him and marry him. They now have a few boys. I remember he went to my brothers birthday and they were all in a circle, his girlfriend at the time on one side, and another random girl on the other side of him. I came through the door to see him grabbing her behind. By the end of the night, she was fighting in the toilets with some girls, she could not see that it was him encouraging this behaviour if not instigating it.

Anyways she is married now to him, I think three boys, and she is miserable, as she wants/needs more that what he is prepared to give.

What I mean to say, is that you can never make someone into something that they are not. I don't believe he has suddenly changed, maybe you are just waking up.

Do you deserve more.... Damn right, so ask yourself what is stopping you from moving forward.

Some times the best thing you can do for yourself and your children is to start a new life. Scary, but if you are crying, and your husband makes you feel like that it's about time you did something about it, before your children, think this is what marriage is.... because it isn't. We all think marriage will last, either... you BOTH work at it.... which means listening, and there needs to be some clear boundaries on respect and behaviour, or do something as life is to short.....