Gift From Mil

My mil came to visit me and my hubby after 2 years -she lives in europe ,we live in the us. I am 6 months pregnant. She brings nothing for the baby. For her son she brings a coffee mug,but gives it to me first and tells me to give it to her son. The writings on it: 31 reasons why beer is better than woman..and below are those reasons-some of them say: you can't catch a disease from beer, beer is always wet and gives you pleasure while easily goes in, you can have many different beers a night and not feel guilty,you can go out with a beer to a party and not be embarrassed, beer won't fake a pregnancy, beer doesn't care how much money you make,and so my opinion this is wrong on soo many levels. is she that primitive or is she that mean ? i would see a 15 year old boy giving it to a friend of same age as a funny joke..but mother to a son??? who is marries and expecting a first child?? what do you think?????

she is always pretending to be nice to me when my hubby is around but talks behind my back to her family and friends. my husband knows i feel hurt but never takes my side,always has excuses for her behavior ..he wants to stay neutral and i feel lonely with no support
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She did in purpose i think. They are jealous and happy seeing us sad and getting crazy. Especially when we argue with our husband.

My MIL always pretend to be so nice when everyone around. Especially in front of my parents. But in my back, she talked bad about me and everyone else too. She is so proud for herself n said she doesnt like talk bad about other people. In fact, she loves to talk bad about others, everytime, everysecond. She told my mom tht i misunderstand her, so why i get angry sometimes. No! I understand her and i really fed up with her two faces. Even my 3 month old daugther doesnt smile at her but she does smile to others. (I duno why, but my daughther did).

I hate my MIL, so everytime she said something about how great she is, i just laughing and mumbling. Get her attention and purposely make her face as black as charcoal.. I lovin it..

Hi there... Lol!!! I thinks our MIL's are real sisters !!! Mine is the same....All praise for herself...