So my mil is Crazy with a capital C! Her daughter (sil) have hated me since day one! On my wedding night she made my husband choose hanging out with his  family or me...I told him go have fun I didn't want to start anything...this was after sil skipped out on the hair and makeup I had lined up and refused to answer her phone. So she looked like crap and i have the photos to prove it. PS sil wore clear Lucite ******** heels under her dress. Needless to say my wedding was ruined and turned into MIL family reunion. My husband and I fought the entire car ride home I was screaming at him the I couldn't handle his crazy family and I wanted out!! Anyways halfway home we get the call from cuckoo mil that my hubby's uncle was murdered by his wife and then she killed herself. So it was like whoa! We made up instantly and agreed that family was important.  So first year of marriage is great, then we go back to visit hubby's hometown for a little festival, and I noticed a pic that sil would love so I buy it and give it to her she says "it's the wrong one!" then throws it back at me. I was so disgusted I just walked away.  So everything goes by and it is fine, until the **** hits the fan. SIL texts messages my HUSBAND " I think you should date e**** *." my husband texts her back thanks I'm happily married.  So SIL keeps it going on and on ( even after a very lengthy email from me explaining how inappropriate it was to text my husband that emphasis on MY and HUSBAND) so I get a very nasty email accusing me of not loving my son (prev relationship) and mooching off my husband.  And calling me a hypochondriac ( just had a liver biopsy to confirm Wilson's disease) most of the email wasn't even spell checked for god's sake it was embarrassing!  SO MIL and I had called a cease fire and I called up MIL and told her about the email and how rude I thought it was. MIL says "she brings up some valid points" I was like wtf?!?! so ding ding round two! MIL says very nasty things while sil is texting my hubby "I hope she's happy, she got what she wanted" (which is so far from the truth! I wanted a big happy family) and for the record I'm not working right now because I'm going to school to become a nurse.  SO why can't these people that their son/brother can provide in these days for our family on one income? They are crazy! MIL called hubs and asked to come over tonight and he said that he didn't think it was such a good idea and a slew of expletives shot out of her mouth including "you are my son and I Will NEVER be out of your life!" ummmm CRAZY!. So countless hours of crying with and without the hubby and even a md's appointment because of a nasty rash I thought was shingles but turned out be a rash caused by stress hmmmm imagine that! SO now hubs is upset because MIL and SIL just bash me over and over and don't want him to be happy. He told me he was happier in Iraq (we met when he got out of the marines) away from that (MIL and SIL). That was the saddest thing I think I ever heard, then he said the happiest day was when we got married and when we walked down the isle he chose his side.  AWW the hubbs is a good one.  I've not been responding to calls or emails because ignoring them ****** them of even more! They're nuts and then today my MIL called my husband and was ranting and raving about the plane tickets she bought my son and I to come out to where my husband had just got a new job and celebrate xmas since we hadn't moved out here (unfortunate now we are moved here and can't get out of the state :() and she started screaming at him they she wanted her money back. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that these people are obsessed with money! MONEY MONEY MONEY, how much is in your bank account? is a frequent question i got asked to which I replied "enough"  Then she told my husband "you think my brothers are crazy? you haven't seen me get crazy" okay...I don't mean to get stereotypical but their fam is straight outta "The Sopranos" if you know what I mean. SO WTF? Is she going to try and put a hit out on me? They are not allowed in a 20 block radius within me, but since I don't any evidence and there has been no physical assault I can't get a TRO for these psychos.  I am fearful now and my husband hates both MIL and SIL.  We are trying to have another baby and I know it's going to KILL them when I have the baby and they will NOT be allowed to step foot in the hospital room or anywhere near our child.  I know it sounds mean but that would hurt them more than anything I could say, because family is everything to them. So why ostracize me? I think they are just jealous of my hubby and me because MIL had an affair and then got a divorce and now lives (rent free I might add) with the guy she cheated on her husband with and SIL is in a horrible relationship with her boyfriend who will NEVER ask her to marry him.   I do truly feel so sad for my husband because I know it hurts him but by god I have principals too! I will not back down and wait for one of them to throw the first punch then arrest them for assault and battery.  That is if I ever let them get that close enough to me. Ugghhhh my situation sucks and I don't know what to do.....

THEMRSgetoverit THEMRSgetoverit
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Wow, so many of your stories are parallel to mine! Crazy mil & sil! It's quite ridiculous of them! I know it's years later, but can you give me an update on how things are going?