I Hate My Mother!

So she got re married. Ever since then, she is a whole mother person. She makes me feel awful! She even makes
Me want to kill myself. She went to jail
Because of my step father. My step dad got a job at a beer place and now all they do is get drunkļ¼On
My birthday, she didn't spend any time with me but spend
The day drinking beer and with her faggott of a husband! No time with me whatsoever! I want to move out and kill myself!! She is so stupid! She got his name tattooed on her! And had 2 kids with him! He even cheated on her! Two times! And even tried to get my
Aunt to have se with him! What a perv! I
Hate my LIFE! I never told my mom, and idk if I should! She thinks I am trying to split them up! Like wtf?!

Meex33 Meex33
Mar 2, 2012