She calls me names, she criticizes me, she brings up the past everytime we get into an argument, they get mad over the smallest things, they think they know you when they really dont, she yells and yells and YELLS, and it gets so annoying because her voice is so HIGHPITCHED.!!!! and she thinks she knows everything about me. she never says she stopped telling me loved me at the age of 10, she is stubborn, and rude and inconsiderate of other peoples feelings, and most of the time she makes me wish i wasnt alive. For Now I Dont Have A Mother.!!!
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18-21, F
1 Response Jun 7, 2014

That's a bit harsh. Yes she does say mean things, and treat you in an unjust manner, but 'hate' is a strong word. You seem really irritated at the moment, hence you might want to cool down first :)