Nothing I do ever satisfies her,everything i do somehow is always wrong,I'm simply never appreciated by her,whenever she decides to be nice with me she does and when she isn't not feeling like it she won't,only times she is feeling like it is when she basically wants something

She is so caught up with her friends and living a life that is so not hers,she thinks she is a teenager yet not at all cool with me,it's only when she is with er friends,she is always yelling and she does things that I swear I'm sure she only do to **** me and then she says that I'm challenging her..

I'm a daddy's girl,and she is always trying to ruin that she wants to ruin my imagine for my dad it's like she is jealous

I tired ignoring so many times,it just cannot be ignored,all she has is bad comments and she always brings me down not once she supported me god I wish I had a normal mother
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Stay strong. Dont let her contaminate you.

Thank you&i hope she never will

Wow I'm 38 and everytime I hear my mother talking on the phone with her friends she is forever putting me down! She's always chastising me like a stupid child and my self esteem is borrowed from medication. Talk to God, he lives you isn't judgmental and is always by your side took me a Long time and a couple lectures from my grandmother that sounded dumb then but now the strength Lin my days I do everything in my power not to be like her

Sorry about all the misspelled words

It's funny when we realize that all along the only one who is really always there for us isn't your mum or your dad,it's god..
Maybe in times like these that we realize the truth..