My mom will get mad at random periods of time and I find it really annoying how she puts it out on me or my brothers. She doesn't want us to get mad at her but she does to us. And when we make a mistake, she makes it sound even more complicated than it already is. She's probably more of just a guardian to us than of a mom.
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I have recently lost all my family members because I have discovered that my father is not my own father. I have come to realize that every moment you spend with your loved ones, cherish it because one day, they will all be gone. Either you will leave them or they will leave you. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and carry those memories with you for years to come. Live in the present moment and enjoy the present moment. Every moment well spent with the people you love NOW is worth it. You will have nothing to regret in life, if you spend every moment like it is your last moment together with the people you now consider your own. Life is short and you can very well loose everything like I have, but at the end of the day, you will realize that nothing is permanent expect who you are on the inside. Love the people you need to love today because they are not going to be there for you forever. We never think about what a precious gift our today is unless we loose everything including the people we love. The only day we've got in our hands is today and I encourage everyone to make the most of it and love as much as you people who need love 'cause they will cease to exist someday. Love the people who really need love in their lives. Love and this present moment is God's gift to us and we can do whatever we want with it. I am speaking from experience. I have lost all of my loved ones in my life. You can contact me if you want.

you're old enough now , why do you take her out with you and your girl friends one night help her to loosen up then find out what is bothering her or what is really stressing her out that she need to take it out on you and your brother