My mom is so unfair!!! I asked her if I she can take me to the mall after church and she said she doesn't to go but. I told her I don't want to go to church either but I have to go and so I told her if she doesn't take me I won't go to church and then she said if u don't go to church I won't take u tomorrow anywhere!! And so I told her I'm not gonna go to church bc it's not fair ur not takin me to the mall even if I go or not !!! So now she isn't taking me anywhere !! And I didn't go to church but I went outside to get in the car and she locked the door and took off when I said i did want to go and she said NO! I hate her and I hope she dies :)
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This is a joke right

No !!! She is very unfair !! Right? She just wants to do what she wants to and I can't make my own decisions I can't make my voice speak up and I can't let my voice / opinion be heard ever !!!

I hate my life so much I want her dead and in hell bye


How! ? I'm not the one being unfair and selfish wtf

Your saying you want your mom dead because she didn't take you somewhere

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