I dont understand why my mom has to make a big deal when I want to hang out/go out with my friends. Im not the type of girl who usually goes out a lot, but when I want to ask for permission, its like almost asking for a million dollars. With so many times she has rejected me or denied me from going out, I may literally get super nervous just to ask for permission. Im actually a well behaved daughter and always have gotten good grades in school, and nothing seems to satisfy her. Even if I tell her how Im just going to hang out and not go clubbing, or drinking out with people like my friends do, she literally wont budge. Ive lost many friends due to my countless excuses Ive given them on why I can never hang out with them. The only time Im allowed to go out, is when my dad is home. But when is my dad home? Just like 4 days before he is off for 3 weeks working. I just hate my mom and she should understand that the more miserable she makes me the more farther away I would want to get away from her as soon as I can go to college. Lucky for me, that is next year in fall. So hopefully she wont miss me as much since she saw my face everyday.
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1 Response Oct 3, 2015

hating my mom motivates me to move farther away from home. like I need a job so I can hurry up and move to Cali