I am 16 years old almost 17, a highschool student . I come from a unstable family , let's start off with my father he left me at 14 years old. I had so choice but to stay with my mother. My mother as been married 4 times and divorced 4 times and had a one night stand with my father . I have gone through most of her marriages , and each marriage , having my mom making me believe that he is my new father . Most of her husbands were scary and abusive . Me and my mom and brother all live together in Encino Ca ,she just got divorced to her last husband last month . She constantly yells at me for anything I say or do , or she will think she's right about everything. She's fake she treats me so ****** when my brother is not around ,and she will make me feel like **** , when she says my friends daughter doesn't treat her mom like this , I have a loving heart but I get frustrated living the same life style over and over again . Iv been applying for jobs , I need a job my plans are to save all my money until I graduate highschool , once graduated move to Dubai and live there and go to beauty school there . I will learn Arabic now and study hard .
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great thinking.....

yea. do that. im sure u will grow up in life. one just needs to have a strong will to do something.