She Is Crazy

Let me sum this up for everyone, my mother is the craziest of them all. Since I was a baby she has been on all sorts of medications to "help" her but she takes them for a week and switches again. When I was 16 i found out i was pregnant she decided she didn't want me so without warning she packed up my stuff and dropped me off with a family member on the other side of the state. We didn't talk again until my son was a year old. By that time I was in school my husband was working and we were impressive parents to be so young. She found out where I lived and called CPS on us everyday making the most outrageous allegations. When CPS threatened to press charges against her she quit. Then she called the health department. Weren't they shocked when they walked into an immaculate apartment? After this I became pregnant again she found out and cried to every one in my family and asked them to convince me to put the baby up for adoption. She told my grandparents and family I was a drug addict. No one believed her they are used to her antics by now but it doesn't change the things she has done and the hurt she has caused and the pain she wanted to inflict. There is SO SO SO much more but their is not enough space or time to tell it all. Just know that it gets worst and the past ten years have not been a happy one. I want nothing more than to have that perfect relationship but it won't happen and for that I hate my mom. My family and friends tell me to move on, pretend that you are an orphan and don't think about the things she has done. But I am not an orphan and I can't not think about these things. Beneath my anger is so much sadness.  

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Your mom is mentally ill & probaby suffers from several illnesses & it makes it worse that she doesn't take the right meds & switches. If her DR knew what she was up to, I'm sure that they would make sure that she does things right, or they could have her committed. It sounds like your mom has done alot of harm to you emotionally & to your own family. It sounds like she's NEVER gonna change, so it might be best if you just never have contact w/her ever again. Your mom is toxic to you & your family. May I suggest that you seek out a counselor so you can "unburdon" all of the bad feelings you have towards your mom. You DON"T wanna have all those bad feeling knawing at your insides for years. TALK it OUT with a counselor & try to START A FRESH NEW LIFE with YOUR family!!!

You are so not alone. Only difference is my mom never took medication and to this day I wish she would. She too was and still is abusive. In many ways. I moved across the country to be as far away from her at 19 and havent looked back. I could have been so much more in life if it hadnt been for her, but I have done well for the most part. I am still single with no kids. Ive had many abortions because I fear repeating her patterns altho I wish I hadnt because I know I am nothing at all like her THANK GOD. I hate to say I hate her, but what other way can you put it. I know I will NEVER take care of her in her old age, and I wish I didnt have her in my life. Shes toxic and has done more damage to me than anyone in my life. unfortunately shes my mother. its a sad shame. Im sorry you too have one like mine, but it is comforting to know we are not alone.