I Hate My Mom And Sister

I HATE my mom and sis cuz they always make me fight with them and they always shout at me and does things that makes me s0 MAD!!!!! They r all *******! I wish they can die and be punished in Tartarus and they will need to serve me as king. I wish Hades can rly punish them. I hate my mom and sis because all they care about are my cousins, even if I ever shout at her once she will cry and run to my mother and say "He shouted at me wahhh!." At that moment all I want to do is put her in a meatgrinder and feed it to a dog and burn the remains as sacrifice but I think no god will accept that bitchy sacrifice. I also hate my cousin because she is such a tattletaler, she tells my mother that I was starting to fight with my sister when she started it. If I was her parents, I would send her to a froster's home and keep her there for enternity, hoping that some psycho rapist will adapt her or she'll be buried alive by the froster's home manager. Ithink my mother ONLY thinks that my cousin is her child and thinks I'm a dumbshit that belongs to hookers. I think my brith was an accident, if I wasn't born, I don't hav to stand this ******* pain. I can't die, I can't live, I can't leave so all I can do is grow up an get rich and move to somewhere I can live happily ever after WITHOUT my mom and my sister. I confess even though I hate my mom so much I do love her too. But my sis? NEVER! Not even if we both r the last people on earth. When ever my cousin does somthing wrong to me and I want to punish her, my mother and sister said she's still young as an exceuss for me to not shout at her. So FML so much.
Pwoner74 Pwoner74
Aug 4, 2010