Wtf Mom?

It's the same thing every day. My mother comes home and sit her *** on a chair and plays FarmVille on FaceBook. And ever since she started playing the damn game, I have to do everything around the house. Cleaning, Dishes, Laundry, ect. The only thing she does is cook. that's it. And when I forget to do something like the laundry, she goes off in my face and *******. Then she stops talking to everyone for the rest of the day. Just because I took 15 minutes of her ******* FarmVille Time. Facebook has also gave her bad mood swings. I don't want to live here because of her bitchy ***. She also drives me Insane because of the lack of privacy she gives me. She NEVER knocks before entering, When Im in the shower she will bust open the door just to ***** about something.  I think I'm slowly turning into the mother.

kanon4eva kanon4eva
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

shes just a computer geek