when I was a little girl my mom . no let me pause right there before I start just know my mom had me when she was 18 and she is a drug addict. ok so again when I was a little girl my mom was dating this guy. well this guy was a drug dealer an older guy ... so if any of you have grown up in the hood his house was like one of those "houses" people were there 24/7, now he didn't only sell weed but he sold other things like crystal (dope) , Herion , coke you get the idea so whenever people would be there they'd always be high off is something. now before I continue just know that I slept in the living room I was 7 , 8 years old maybe even younger kinda hard to remember ... all by my self at a drug dealers house. my mom slept in the back room with her bf. now she's always high n she would go to sleep... so he would kick everyone out the house. I remember being half way asleep looking up n seeing him on top of me. he raped me. my mom knew he was a child molester too...but she still stayed with him. too this day I ask family about him if they know his last name they all say no. but of course they do know ... I haven't told any of them what he did to me. all they tell me is "he's in jail right now" I ask "why" they say "we don't know" ....
youngadult14 youngadult14
16-17, F
Aug 18, 2014