What she said to me can never be erased,

" Your friends you think they like you? You're mistaken they wanted to be close to you only because me and your father they know we have money and that's all they're ever concerned about. You're a miserable brat! Even I can't stand you and I love you only because you're my daughter. If you're not my daughter you'll be like a dog on the street! No one ever want to get close to you because you brought this on yourself! And your brother, sister you think they love you? Think again, they don't care about you! When me and your dad's gone you're as good as dead to everyone else. No one ever liked you for who you are. I'm telling you the truth because I'm the only one who cares. Sometimes I think my life would be much easier without you, why can't you just die already, you make everyone miserable. We can't stand you! Our family would be happier without you in it!"
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It is an exceptionally cruel and heartless thing to say, she might mean well, but she has lost focus only what it means to be a good parent. Keeping you confined, keeping you completely dependent, and keeping you in guilt and shame, truly horrible :). But there is help, as you know, right here. <3.

Your mom is just manipulating you so that you'll be dependent on her...

Well I used to be like that and still kind of am... But think of it as this way... If you never get yourself out there so to speak, then you'll never get used to it... And it's just a matter of getting used to... So yeah it sucks right now, but at least you'll know that it hurts right now, but soon you'll get used to it and you'll become tougher and stronger.

Your mother sounds like a real "prize". Why does she take out her personal truth on you?

She is the mom...she chose to have you...her role is to take care of you

I disagree...it's hard to feel good about you in the environment you describe...

So? Sad she treats you well when you are sick...not when you show strength or independence

I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you, I'm trying to say that you deserve more than this...

That strength is still in you...it's buried because you have been emotionally beat down...

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