I Don't Know Why

  Once again,my mom is mad at me, and I don't know why..I'm afraid to ask,as this could make her even angrier at me..I have a feeling I know what it could be.It happened before my birthday (feb 20),so when we all went out for a birthday meal on the 20th,she was acting kind of funny,and all I got from her were these cheap dish towels,and the same card she got me last year! (Maybe she didn't know it was,but..)

I'm upset with her,as she was doing well for a long time,and didn't seem to get uptight over little things I might have done wrong,but now she's back to her old behaviour,which makes me crazy,as I'm always wondering if she'll take something the wrong way..

Then I recently wrote her an email,to get some sympathy and support for a bad back incident,but all she wrote back (and it took about a week) was that it sounded like I'd really done a number on my back.....No support or questions..  I don't know whether to cry,be mad, or feel sorry for her...I feel like a loser..


My Mom still makes me crazy!  She is such a negative nelly,and likes to nag...always asking me stupid questions,and assuming things about me..
Whenever I talk to her on the phone,she thinks I'm depressed,because I don't have a good telephone affect,and I do sound funny,even bored,but not depressed....then she has to ask what I need 20.00$ from my ex for...she' said I have food in the house,so why do I need the $$,and to not be trying "expensive new recipes" when I told her I was looking for new recipes to try.. Nothing is good enough for this old bat!  She is still critical of me,and I dread it when she calls me,as I know she'll only lecture or critizise me...just because she hadn't heard from me ( by email,that is)  in about a week,she has to call,and the last time she was asking if everything was ok,but I had been depressed,but didn't want to tell her..I did anyway,then she said " I thought so"  ..eerrrgghhh..I should just tell her to relax,or I could tell her that I have borderline personality disorder,and I do act in unusual ways,but she wouldn't understand,and probably make fun of it..
I can't win with this woman

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41-45, F
Feb 28, 2010