I Don't Know What To Do...

My mom and I used to get along well, but now its all changed. She has even said to me now that she doesn't like my personaility and doesn't think we will ever again see eye-to-eye. What really hurts me is that my mom will be really nice to me in front of her friends, my friends and family, but when it is just me and her, she is always mad at me for something. She is with her boyfriend four days a week, and always drops me off at a friends house or my grandmas house because she is with her boyfriend. And it seems to me now that she doesn't want to be around me, she just wants to be around him, and she won't give up a second of her time with him. Whenever she is with him she is so happy but with me she won't even smile. Even though I try to do things for her like cleaning our kitchen everyday or making her a card, she always gets mad at me for random things, and makes me feel bad about myself and how I look. She puts me down all the time and brings up how she got divorced for me and how I am the reason her life is the way it is now, and how perfect her boyfriend's son is compared to me, and how fun he is to be with but I'm just mean and annoying. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because I do not talk back to her at all and I treat her with respect. She makes me lie to my grandma about her going out and yells at me and doesn't let me do anything with my friends If I tell her. I think my mom knows exactly what she is doing, and that really hurts me that she has to be the way she is. Her phoniness in front of other people is embarassing to the point where other people have made comments about it, and she always lies about having a good relationship with me. I just don't know what to do anymore...she talks about having a good relationship with me to her friends, but yet she says how she can't stand me and how I am the reason her life is so messed up. I really don't know what to do anymore.. :(

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Talk to her about this. Ask what you're doing wrong, and tell her about how you want things to be better between you two. im sorry. this is all the advice i can give.i ope it helps though.

Maybe you should sit down and tell her how you feel, maybe it will help. And if that doesnt work then maybe you could talk to someone else like your grandma and tell her whats been going on.