I Can't Help But Hate My Mom..:(

i'm a middle child..i have 2 older sisters and a younger brother..i'm also a girl..i really love my mom and i've been trying so hard to please her..but whatever i do i just can't seem to get the attention..i, and everybody around us, know that she loves my younger brother much more than us..she even says that she cares more about him because he's her only son..i'm so fed up with this situation..it's been like this since i was a kid..if she can't love us equally then why did she even have children..why didn't she just stopped with one kid? i mean my dad treats us equally or at least tries to..he doesn't blatanty announces that he like him or her better or whatever..and recently not only do i have to fight for attention from my brother but also from her sisters, my aunts, and my cousins..whatever she does i always feel like i'm were not her first priority..she always sides with her "family"..i don't even feel like i'm her daughter..it's causing me so much emotionaly stress that i wanna move out..(we're from a country where family stay close together) i don't wanna hate her more than i do now..she's my only mom..

perfectlyimpaired perfectlyimpaired
18-21, F
Apr 9, 2010