My Mom Is Disgusting.

I can't stand my mom sometimes, she is just gross.
Let's start by saying all she does is get on the computer, go out, and get drunk.
First of all, this computer belongs to me. I got it two years ago for Christmas. So, shouldn't I be the judge of who gets on and when?
I got on last night, and her account on my computer was up, I was trying to get of then I saw "Po*n Hub" at the bottom of the page.
I ex'd out of that page, and I started looking through her history! You would not believe how much p**n this woman watches. I looked through months of history and she is watching p**n like 24 f***ing 7! So, I got on to where I could block any and all p**n sites. I've had to reboot my computer about 8 times since she started using it. Now I know its because of all the p**n!
I'm fourteen and I'm more mature than my own mother, which is 48. I don't drink, I don't do drugs... I just do what i'm supposed to do. I do my school work, I clean the house, do the dishes.... I even cook dinner. It's sad. My mom won't listen when I try to tell her to act like a mom. Aren't mom's supposed to be the child's rolemodels? I don't think a ***** is a good role model. I mean, my mom always goes out, and leaves me at home. I just wish my mom wouldd straighten up; I wish she would stop drinking and hanging out with her friends. I wish she would find a nice man and settle down, and get a decent job. That's ALL I want. But when I try to tell her this, she screams at me like I just killed someone. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I feel like the mom and shes the fourteen year old who needs some dicipline... Any comments?
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

i was leaving with mum and it was kinda like that, it was too much for me so i moved to live with my aunt and uncle instead. your not doing anything wrong, your mum chose this life and she seems happy about it... just promise yourself you will never be like her :)