My MIL and FIL are so hateful and jealous of my relationship with my husband and step daughter. I really feel like they want me out of the picture even if it means breaking up our happy family. We have three children total. He had a daughter and I had a son. They were both very small when we got together (2&3) so I feel they are ours. We have one together. We have been together going on 11 years and married 8 in the next couple of days. Life has been hell from the start. I am not originally from the small town my husband grew up in. So that was a strike against me. I think my MIL has never thought I was good enough for her son. I had a hectic childhood (I was adopted). I really think she thought my husband would get back with his first born's mother (they broke up due to HER cheating SEVERAL times). My husband has always done what's right when it comes to his kids though. That is one thing that attracted me to him. My husband and I found out we were expecting early on in the relationship and my MIL was devastated. She has hated me ever since. I am a great wife, mother, and person. I really feel like she is missing out on a great relationship. I have tried to brake through her walls but she just hates me. Now my FIL is so weak he just follows her orders and hates me too. We recently sold our home and moved 12 hours away to try to have peace in our life's for us and the children. But, no. They just try harder. I just don't understand. I have had to block them from all our phones and social media because they harass us in front of our children. Rude comments. I wish they would just give us a break. Give us peace. I feel it will never happen. My husband is so depressed over the situation. I am depressed. The kids are upset and do not understand. If they tried to be nice a little then maybe we may be able to have a cordial relationship for the children's sake. But they openly disrespect us in front of our children. I can not raise my kids in a dysfunctional family. I want my kids to be loving towards one another. Not against one another. Ugh. I know this is all over the place but I could literally write a book on the abuse that we have dealt with from his side of the family. I am desperate to find a way to cope with this without it driving me crazy. I love my husband and I want him to be happy. I hate this. I'll write more tomorrow. Every day something new happens. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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sorry to hear.
Well seems u r part of tht group of people who are the Heart of the Family but being treated like u never were thr.

Many DIL faces the same from MIL/FIL. but if ur hubby is beside u always then u shouldnt worry. may be ur MIL will soon understand ur importance and tk u as her DIL.

best wishes