Stay Away From Me If Im In Bad Mood..

its like those girls that get really bitchy when they have their period.. just that im always this way haha not really funny though i already learned to control it a bit and at least not act toooo bitchy..
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2007

I hate mood swings too and I'm experiencing them more frequently now. I'm 43 and I'm starting to wonder if I need to have my hormones checked. It seems that I have only one good week per month that I'm feeling like my old self. I feel like I'm being invaded by another person that isn't as happy, bubbly and fun-loving as I am, I don't want to lose my old self, but I continue to have mood swings along with the feelings of being overwhelmed by things going on in my life. Once I get into one of these bad moves, I can't get myself out. Weekends and fun times have been ruined by these bad moods and dismal feelings. I am soooo tired of this. Is there anyone else feeling this and what are you doing about it? I'd love to hear, that's why I'm on this site. Thanks

I understand what you are going thru, my bitchyness comes and goes, and sometimes I can't control it and I dont even know why. I just hope that there is some reasonable explaination for it.

At least you recognize when you are being mean, and try to stop, thats more than some people. I know every once in awhile I need a friend to tell me that I need to stop being in such a snit and just be nice!