The Nightmare Family

My Husband is the most wonderful Guy in the world I couldnt Have asked for a Better Husband .

Except I could have done without his Nightmare Family we Have been married about A yr and thankfully live near my Family and not his!
It all started when we got engaged well his mom and sister were green with envy his mom wanted all things specially Catered to her needs um Hello your not the bride and you look the the hunchback of notredame ! she wanted the photographer at her house to take pictures of her and her husband but yet she didnt want to pay for the photographer! thats number 1.
#2 she doesnt call for a few weeks while we are preparing everything so I am like okay thank goodness but her and my Fil go out to dinner with my parents saying they want to treat and all and then when the bill comes they tell my mother and step dad how much they owe I mean really these people have no Class at all !!
my husband and I found an apartment near my fam thank GOD! and he is so excited (they treat him terriably !) he asked for the security deposit and he was moving in feb 23 before we were to get married they didnt give it to him till the day he moved in we had to go into our wedding money to get the funds mind you they didnt offer to pay for a dam thing!!! it was like pulling teeth with them. Oh I didnt mention My lovely SIL ( or the beast) she is 32 single no boyfriend for the last 6 yrs might as well be a cat lady but I think even cats wouldnt want to stay with her I asked that Cun* to be one of my bridesmaids she tells me I dont have to if I Dont want to , I said believe me I wouldnt but since your my husbands sister and I like to do the right thing! so she was ( she hit every branch of the ugly tree) so anyway at our wedding they didnt give us a gift or A Card!! they mailed us one 2 weeks later and my FIL whom i also Hate with a passion and he knows it wants us to move to the ghetto like they did when they first started out well I am sorry I want to go up the ladder not down! he thinks I am Spoiled and I think he is an Ugly pathetic OLD MAN! my husband And I thankfully are on the same page and I have had to put my MIL in her place a few times they forgot about our 1 yr anniversary his family is a nightmare they never call just to see how we are they call to talk about themselves . I Just dont know what to do anymore I am So Fed up and its only been a yr and I dont want to constantly talk about them they are not that important to me but they are to my husband and I love him.

even though they favor his sister they finally bought us a bed room set but they had to buy the sister a dining room set for her apartment because did she have a wedding I didnt know about ??? not only that when we needed help they thought they were the most amazing parents but yet did nothing kept telling there son we gave a roof over your head umm I am sorry isnt that what parents do ?? never once did my mil ask to help with anything for the wedding!! or my sil I hate both of them soo much my sil this yr had the nerve to ask for the key to my apartment I told her your lucky I dont knock your front teeth back in ! out of her friggin mind

how do I relax what should I do when I see them at certian events how should I respond with my FIL or MY SIL Liberal Comments or views looking for any answers
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Sep 15, 2012